Built for users by users, JND MachOne is the first and only inline coding application developed for the RelativityOne document review platform.
Enter coding decisions directly in the document list

MachOne removes the document coding pane from the standard viewer to reduce load time between documents and enable faster doc-per-doc review. As users submit coding decisions in MachOne, entries are verified against field-specific coding rules. When an entry contains a coding error, the field is highlighted in red; when the error has been resolved, the coding field flashes green to signify that verification is complete.

Explore new document review workflows
MachOne gives reviewers fluid access to a fully editable document list in a grid view format to support custom workflows. Enter doc-by-doc coding decisions across fields, one document at a time, or change gears and review field-by-field from one document to the next. With grid view visibility, reviewers can reference past coding decisions at a glance and easily copy-paste entries from one document to the next, moving freely in whatever direction they choose. 
Toggle between MachOne and traditional coding pane
MachOne seamlessly integrates with RelativityOne. Users can toggle between the grid view and the standard coding pane with a single click. Users can also use the MachOne grid view and the coding pane in tandem (e.g., the coding pane may be used to reveal an extended list of document attributes and metadata, while the grid view may be used to enter coding decisions).
Ultra-low latency document review
Extremely simple and intuitive to navigate
Easily replicate coding decisions across documents
Seamlessly integrates with RelativityOne
Document Review at the Speed of MachOne™
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